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  • Do you offer pre-purchase inspections?
    We offer both full pre-purchase inspections and safety only pre-purchase inspections (recommended for newer or low mileage vehicles) to make certain you get the right vehicle to meet your driving needs.
  • How often should I get an oil change?
    Always refer to your owner's manual when planning oil change intervals, paying particular attention to the driving conditions your vehicle will be operated in. The majority of vehicles are operated in "severe" conditions and require more frequent oil changes. Typical mileage intervals for these vehicles are 3,000-6,000 miles. Over time, engine oil molecules will break down, causing increased engine stress, reduced lubrication, decreased gas mileage, and engine sludge which could result in failed engine components. Check out our podcast to hear more!
  • What maintenance should I be doing, and when?"
    Maintenance schedules are vehicle based, so be sure to check your owner's manual or give us a call to find out when services are recommended for your specific automobile. The following guidelines give a general idea of when you should expect to have maintenance performed. Proper maintenance extends the life of your vehicle and can prevent costly repairs in the future. Every 3,000-6,000 miles: Oil changes, tire rotations 20k-30k miles: Engine and cabin air filters Brake fluid flush 60k-100k miles: Battery service/replacement Drive belt replacement Coolant flush Automatic transmission fluid drain/refill Differential/transfer case fluid drain/refill 90k-120k miles: Power steering fluid flush Tune-up/spark plug replacement Timing belt replacement
  • If I have my vehicle maintained at your shop, can that void my factory warranty?"
    Absolutely not. While we cannot perform warranty repairs or manufacturer recalls, you are not bound to the dealer for any maintenance while your vehicle is under the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Can I wait for the service?
    You can absolutely wait for your vehicle. Please let us know you'd like to wait while scheduling appointment so we can make sure your vehicle is able to be brought in promptly at the time of your arrival. We offer free wi-fi, coffee, and tea in our waiting lounge.
  • Does a check engine light fail New York State Inspection?
    An illuminated check engine light indicates an emissions failure which will fail the emissions portion of the New York State Inspection. Diagnosis will be required to determine any repairs needed.
  • Do I need to replace brake rotors when the brake pads are replaced?
    Very rarely would we recommend only replacing your vehicle's brake pads. The majority of brake rotors have surpassed the minimum thickness allowed when brake pads have reached the end of their service life. As such, the rotors offer less heat dispersion. This increased heat can cause your vehicle's rotors to warp, resulting in brake pulsation, increased stopping distances, and cause irregular and premature brake pad wear.
  • How long will my repair/service take?
    Most basic maintenances can be performed in an hour or less, but estimated time of completion is dependent on many factors (repair time, availability of parts, etc.). At Schoen Auto, we strive to provide prompt and efficient service. If you need your vehicle's service completed by a certain time, please let us know at the time of scheduling so that we can best accomodate your needs.
  • Does an air bag light fail New York State Inspection?
    An illuminated air bag or SRS light does not fail New York State Inspection requirements, but as a major safety component, the SRS light should be inspected as soon as possible to ensure the air bag safely deploys if needed. An air bag light that has illuminated will prevent the air bags from deploying in an accident.
  • Do you perform manufacturer recall or warranty work?
    Manufacturer recalls and warranty services are only able to be performed at the dealership.
  • Do you offer transportation while my vehicle is being worked on?
    We offer free loaner vehicles on a first come, first serve basis, and can do pick-ups and drop-offs in the East Rochester area. Please let us know how we can best facillitate your visit when scheduling your appointment.
  • Why is my check engine light on?
    A check engine light is essentially the indicator for your vehicle's onboard diagnostic system, which monitors the various emission systems and could relate to a multitude of different components on your vehicle for a variety of reasons. Due to this, a check engine light should be diagnosed by a technician to ascertain the root cause. While a check engine light does not indicate a safety concern, failure to properly diagnose in a timely fashion could potentially cause greater damage to other components, especially when the warning light is flashing.
  • How much does an oil change cost?
    For a full synthetic oil change and filter up to 5qts, the cost is $79.99 + tax. For a synthetic blend oil change and filter up to 5qts, the cost is $39.99 + tax.
  • Can you tow my vehicle?
    While we do not offer a tow service, we can recommend or call a tow company for you, if needed.
  • Is there a warranty on my car repairs?
    We offer a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on the majority of our parts and repairs. Please refer to our warranty policy for full details.
  • Can I provide my own parts?
    Due to liability risks with parts of unknown origin and the prevelance of counterfiet items, we do not install customer supplied parts, with the exception of tires and aftermarket accessories (roof racks, trailer hitches, etc). At Schoen Auto, we want to make sure you have safe quality components installed in your vehicle, and all of our work is backed by a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty. Check out our Gear Related podcast to hear about the dangers of ordering unverified parts online!
  • Does the ABS light fail New York State Inspection?
    An illuminated ABS light does not fail New York State Inspection requirements, but indicates that your anti-lock braking system has been disabled due to a malfunction. While your normal brakes will be operational, your anti-lock brakes may not engage in the event of an emergency. It is an important safety feature and should be diagnosed and repaired promptly.
  • Do you accept walk-in appointments?
    Walk-in appointments are accepted based on availability and the service requested. Please don't hesitate to give us a call to check if a same day appointment is an option.
  • What kind of vehicles do you service?
    At Schoen Auto, we have the ability to take care of your vehicle's needs regardless of make and model, but pride ourselves on our specialized knowledge of European vehicles. We have the technical skills, knowledge, and equipment to repair and maintain Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles.
  • Do you provide estimates?
    We will always provide you with an estimate prior to performing repairs on your vehicle. For many services, diagnosis is key in providing both an accurate estimate and timetable. Because of this, we are not always able to provide precise estimates without having performed the required diagnostic procedures.
  • Do you work with aftermarket warranty companies?
    We are happy and able to work with any aftermarket warranty company to facillitate your vehicle's repairs.
  • How often should I rotate my tires?
    Your tires should be rotated every other oil change, or every 6k-8k miles. Regular tire rotations are an important part of preventing premature tire wear.
  • Do you do auto body repair/collision work?
    We do not offer collision or auto body repair at this time, but can offer recommendations to quality body shops in the area.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, check, Apple Pay, and all major credits cards.
  • How often should I get an alignment?
    Generally, a vehicle's wheels should be aligned every 2-3 years, although certain repairs can require an alignment be done prior to that timeline, and performing an alignment after replacing tires can help prevent uneven tread wear and protect your tire investment.
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