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Auto Fun: What Was Your Teenage Dream Car?

Posted April 10, 2017 1:16 PM

teenage dream car East Rochester

The adolescent years are full of all sorts of exciting milestones. Your first kiss, your first job, and, of course, getting your drivers permit and hitting the road.

What was your teenage dream car?

Jay Leno wished for a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB4 as a kid and bought one as an adult.1 Justin Bieber didn't have to wait - he was motoring around in a Lamborghini at the age of sixteen. The perks of wealth!

We have a lot of customers who have weighed in on the matter, and we've gotten into more than a few lively discussions about whose teenage dream car would have been more fun in which situation. 

Iconic Movie Cars
Some say their preference was influenced by a popular movie of their youth. From the '55 Chevy Harrison Ford drove in American Graffiti, the 1970 Dodge Charger in The Fast and the Furious, to the '81 Porsche 928 in Risky Business. And who can forget the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 from Gone in Sixty Seconds?

Most East Rochester teens didn’t get to pick what automobile they got to drive. And some adolescents didn't even get to drive Dad's old beater. 

Did you imagine a sleek Ferrari? A lifted Dodge 4x4 all ready to tear it up off-road? A tricked-out muscle car? Come on in and give us your best argument, or write your thoughts in the comments below. We are eager to hear what you have to say about it.

1 Joel Stocksdale, "This 1967 Ferrari 275 is Jay Leno's Teenage Dream Car," Autoblog, August 16, 2016, http://www.autoblog.com/2016/08/16/1967-ferrari-275-jay-leno-garage-video/, accessed February 25, 2017

Schoen Auto Car Talk: How Often Do You Change Your Oil?

Posted April 10, 2017 1:08 PM

auto service Rochester, NY

If you ask East Rochester motorists how often the oil in their vehicle should be changed, you might get a different answer every time. Every 6 months? Every 5,000 miles? Only if your vehicle has issues? Who really knows? Let’s talk a little about oil.

The Lifeblood of Your Engine
Why do automobiles even need oil? A car engine is very complex; thousands of parts must function properly to make it run. Oil is necessary to lubricate all of the parts that move and come in contact with each other. Most parts in the engine are metal and easily get hot. Oil is an effective way for the engine to stay cool because the oil absorbs heat quickly.

Even though modern autos require less maintenance than in times past, if you don't change your oil, you are headed for trouble - everything from worn out pistons to a complete engine seize if you wait too long.

Protect Your Investment
Fixing the issues from not changing your oil will cost you more than paying for regular oil changes. A lot more.

The answer is never truly straightforward on how often oil should be changed. Consult your service specialist at Schoen Auto in East Rochester for the oil change schedule and oil type recommendations for your specific auto and schedule a full-service oil change at the best repair center in New York.

Schoen Auto Fun Stuff: What is Your Favorite Classic Car?

Posted April 10, 2017 1:04 PM

favorite classic car Rochester, NY

Car enthusiasts love talking about "classic cars," though not everyone can agree on which cars fall into this esteemed category.

A millennial may be confused by someone who loves the 1969 Shelby Cobra while someone familiar with cars from the 60’s will be thrilled to talk about it. Classic cars are where it all started, from the huge engined muscle cars to the first Italian supercars. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at a few of our favorite classic cars!

Let’s start with the oldest, the 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing. When this beauty made its debut, it was the speediest production car available at the time. The gull wing doors made this car an instant classic and one whose popularity has stood the test of time.

You can’t talk about classic cars without paying tribute to the muscle cars of the 60’s. This was a time when muscle cars were all the rage and car manufacturers were in a heated competition to produce the fastest, loudest, and best driving muscle car out there. The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, 1969 Dodge Charger, and the 1969 Ford Mustang were the ones that led the way. All were rigged out with a mammoth engine, produced a freakish amount power and each had their own eye-catching styling. If you ask a car buff what their favorite classic car is, there’s a good chance you’ll hear them answer with one of these three autos.

Italian car makers Ferrari and Lamborghini have been intense competitors for decades. Two of their contemporary supercars are the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari LaFerrari, but what got these automobile manufacturers to where they are now? For Lamborghini, it was the 1966 Miura. Its sporty styling and ridiculous top speed (for the time) made Lamborghini a real super car contender. Ferrari got its create from the Dino 246 GT. Its clean look, classic cherry red paint, and iconic Ferrari emblem put Ferrari on the map.

There are too many classic cars to fit into one article but we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Which autos would you put in this category? Which contemporary models will become classics?

Whether you run around in a classic car, a brand new car, or something in between, we would love to serve you at Schoen Auto in East Rochester.

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