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At Schoen Auto, we have a very unique approach to customer relationships and working on cars. The model we use is the doctor - patient relationship. A trusting partnership is required for the doctor to be successful in keeping you healthy. It's no different when it comes to keeping your car "healthy." We are committed to always looking out for your best interests and giving you all the information and choices available every time you bring your car in.

One policy that is absolute in how we do business is that we will not proceed with any repair unless the customer knows the details of the diagnosis, what needs to be repaired, why it needs to be repaired, what options and choices exist, and what each option and choice will cost in writing. If something unanticipated comes up when we are working on your car after you approve a repair, we will immediately contact you, explain the issue and not proceed any further until we receive your approval for any changes from the original approved estimate.

At Schoen Auto, you will meet and directly interact with the technician working on your car. If you are present while we are working on your car, the technician will bring you into the shop and personally go over what was found on your vehicle. Our shop area is open to our customers, because we want customers to see firsthand what the issues are with their car and we have nothing to hide in how we operate. This is another aspect of our doctor - patient relationship model.

Here is how you can help us better do our jobs when you bring in your car:

Do your homework before taking your vehicle in for repairs or service.

  • Read the owner's manual to learn about the vehicle's systems and components.
  • Follow the recommended service schedules.
  • Keep a log of all repairs and service.

When you think about it, you know your car better than anyone else. You drive it every day and know how it feels and sounds when everything is right. So don't ignore its warning signals.

Use all of your senses to inspect your car frequently. Check for:

  • Unusual sounds, odors, drips, leaks, smoke, warning lights, gauge readings.
  • Changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, fluid levels.
  • Worn tires, belts, hoses.
  • Problems in handling, braking, steering, vibrations.
  • Note when the problem occurs.
  • Is it constant or periodic?
  • When the vehicle is cold or after the engine has warmed up?
  • At all speeds? Only under acceleration? During braking? When shifting?
  • When did the problem first start?

Once you are at our location, communicate your findings.

  • Be prepared to describe the symptoms.
  • Carry a written list of the symptoms that you can give us.
  • Resist the temptation to suggest a specific course of repair. Just as you would with your physician, tell us where it hurts and how long it's been that way, but let the technician diagnose and recommend a remedy.

Stay involved. . . Ask questions.

  • Ask as many questions as you need. Do not be embarrassed to ask questions or say anything that is on your mind. It's our job to answer all your questions, explain things in simple to understand terms and make sure you understand and feel comfortable with the work we are performing on your car.
  • Don't ask the technician to make an on-the-spot diagnosis. Like a physician we have to perform a formal diagnosis and run tests on your car to determine what the root cause of your problem is. You will be called and apprised of the problem, repair options, and costs before any work begins.
  • Please leave the telephone number where you can be reached quickly when we call to update you on the status of your car.
  • Feel free to call us at any time if questions come up or you want an update on your car.


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